Boots will now reintroduce a limited quantity of the Meningococcal Vaccination, which was halted earlier last year because of a global shortage.

The Men B vaccine was included in the NHS childhood immunization programme in the month of September last year (2015); however, this is only given to babies that are born on or after the first of May 2015, which means that millions of children under the age of five in the United Kingdom are not protected against this life-threatening disease. The bacterial infection affects young children, particularly those under the age of one. Parents have been alerted to look out for any sort of symptoms like high fever, vomiting, cold hands or feet or even headache.

The recent data, which was published by the Public Health England, displays that fifty seven percent of all the Men B cases during the time frame of 2014 and 2015 occurred in babies in this age group and since Men B is fatal in one in ten cases, there is a real urgency for children to be protected.

Boots United Kingdom at first started the service in the month of January this year and offers the vaccine privately at ninety five pounds per dose. Millions of parents whose children missed out on the NHS session are now trying to get the vaccination privately after there was a global shortage. This also means that the parents should be paying for the jab and for those who are not that well off financially will not have access to it.

The CEO of Leading Meningitis Charity, Mr Liz Brown stated that his team is aware that the supplies of Men B vaccines are returning to Boots and other clinics and they hope that it will bring down the pressure when it comes to the pricing and bring down the fees that are being charged at many places. He stated that he recognizes and also acknowledges that there is a huge list of people who are willing to pay for the vaccination privately; however, they are also aware that many people cannot afford to pay.

In the month of April this year, the Government had decided to ignore the wishes of close to eight hundred thousand people who had signed the biggest ever parliamentary petition calling for Men B vaccination to be extended to every kid under the age of five.

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